About GAIA Consulting Group

Definition of “GAIA” (noun \gi-ə\)

"The hypothesis that the living and nonliving components of earth function as a single system in such a way that the living component regulates and maintains conditions so as to be suitable for life."


GAIA Consulting Group strives to help clients achieve economic, environmental and social sustainability in a straight-forward, efficient manner.


Principal and founder of GAIA Consulting Group, Sharon Alton, has over 15 years of experience in sustainability program management, marketing, hospitality management and investment banking. In addition to graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Business from the University of Missouri, Sharon studied another two years of Masters Courses in Economics to specialize in understanding the dynamic relationships between the economic, environmental and social responsibility of businesses.


"These old buildings do not belong to us only...they have belonged to our forefathers and they will belong to our descendants unless we play them false. They are not in any sense our property to do as we like with. We are only trustees for those that come after us."
~William Morris (1889)